Pedigree-Draw is a Macintosh OS X application that provides for creation, editing and drawing of pedigrees (also called family trees, or genograms) of human or non-human extended family lineages. It was developed originally for use in analyzing population data gathered for biomedical and genetic research projects, and to aid the management of captive animal colonies. It's been applied to other fields as well, including genetic counseling and life science education. Although not designed as a genealogical database per se, the program can be used to collect and edit biographical data found in the course of family history research, including pictures of family members, and display or print those data in standard hierarchical diagrams suitable for publication. Output may also be saved in Portable Document Format (PDF) for electronic distribution, or posting on websites.

PD6 desktop
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Pedigree-Draw may be obtained as a download from this site, or on a CD-ROM delivered by mail. The release package includes the application, a 94 page User's Guide in Portable Document Format (PDF), and a suite of example pedigree files. The program is activated by a registration code issued with a Single User License (SUL) that may be purchased through Kagi, one of the oldest and best-known Internet stores. A SUL is priced at $45 (USD). A limited-time Trial License is available on request. More details can be found in Products.

Pedigree-Draw requires a PowerPC G3/G4/G5 or Intel Macintosh, running OS X 10.3 (Panther) or 10.4 (Tiger).


Pedigree-Draw 6 is an upgrade of Pedigree/Draw 5.1, a Macintosh OS 9 application that has been distributed free-of-charge since 1987 to many users in the scientific and academic communties, and others engaged in genealogical research. With this release, the program is being re-positioned as a commercial OS X application to support its continued development. Pedigree/Draw 5.1 will continue to be available from this site.

Updated 28 Apr 2007